mchoffa-deactivated20130409 asked:
Sup^ u follow??

Sureee :)

Anonymous asked:
I'll post it on my friends old tumblr, he doesn't use it anymore. Okay? -AS


vinvega asked:
im good they had me on lock down with questions

Lols oh . & thats good

Anonymous asked:
oi49.tinypicDOTcom/25rcrgmDOTjpg Where it says "DOT" change it to a period. -AS

Still can’t see it just take it off anonymous :)

Back .. Been Partying :)
nacolenacole asked:
Follow back? :)


Anonymous asked:
I hope you like this and makes you smile. ;D <333 oi49.tinypic. com/25rcrgm. jpg -AS

I Can’t see it :(

Anonymous asked:
Hehe leopard rrrraawwwwwrrr lol xP I like tiger print, its nice and simple. -AS

Lols Coool :)

Anonymous asked:
Awww thank you Noel <333 Purple, teal/turquoise, red. Do you have a favorite print? Like cheetah, zebra, leopard, etc. -AS

Welcome :) & Cool . & Leopard :D.. wbu?

Anonymous asked:
I'm doing alright, just feeling sick. What are your favorite colors? -AS

Aww :\ Feel Better . & Pink , Gray , Blue . Whats yours :)?